Thursday, July 29, 2010


DXB(Dubai International Airport)
We had a two hour stopover there. It is a beautiful airport..with lots of space to sit back and relax.

I certainly didn't make any good memories there..due to their slow turtle-speed immigration processing, we missed our flight and then we had to spent the entire night there. It was a bitter disappointment. We were exhausted beyond limit, the tour of the city was out of question. But somehow the dawn finally broke, to our relief. But overall, it was fun.And somehow we took our flight for Atlanta.
This random little beauty was just walking around doing silly things, I couldn't help clicking her photo. When she realized what I had been doing, she ran away =p

Blount Park, Montgomery
Blount Park, Montgomery
Blount Park, Montgomery

Vaughn Road, Montgomery
Our apartment looks exactly like this..
View from my window
Cool Car =pFord Mustang GT
Pool in the apartment building
Bathroom =D


Pretty flowers on the kitchen counter

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm where I'm

okay so why does this feed thing shows that I'm in Florida? :s I'm not in Florida okay???!! get your IP readers fixed! okay? I'm in Alabama not Florida. Okay? Got it?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One last haphazard post before I leave

So finally here I am..
Life is super busy nowadays as we are all winding and packing things up because we are moving far far away.. to the US! Our plane leaves on July21st! That means tomorrow!
I'll terribly miss my grandma(my maternal grandma). I love her more than I could ever explain. She is the best grandmother anyone could ever have.. my super grandmother =)
And I also have to go and pack up everything I haven't yet packed, to avoid the last minute hassle... because I'm a tad bit careless =p
I know it has been a long delay and I truly regret not writing my heart out. I needed to vent out but I had vowed I won't blog unless and until I'm out of that stressful depressing phase I talked about earlier. I didn't even know it would finally end. I had my doubts and insecurities but it is all gone now, all gone. Vanished. I'm truly happy and thankful to my dear God. For me it was the kind of a problem I'd never experienced before. It sucked happiness and hope out of me, it made me into a coward. I was wrong I should have had more faith and trust in God's plans. He always has something better planned for us. I feel like a new life has been infused into me. I feel GOOD. :)
I'd be taking lots and lots of pictures and then I'll post them here, it is going to be fun!
I have mixed emotions of excitement, nervousness, sadness and eagerness. Anticipating a sudden change, a shock. Go on... Embrace it; it shouldn't hurt much. *talks to herself*
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm happy.

Hello Everyone, I'm here =) I'm very, very happy! A great load of burden is finally off my head. I was waiting for this to happen and I'd write in detail about what it really was. =) I'm grateful to God. He listens. Yes he does.

Presenting to you ladies and gentlemen,

My first rag doll

I made her for my little sister =p

Stupid I know =p

Will write more... In a hurry! Going out!