Friday, August 20, 2010

New Followers, and other things.

I have got 53 followers now!  Wow, thats huge!! Thank you everyone...for makes me feel like my blog is not deserted =p
thank you Bea, AcetylCholine, ol dat jazz, R-J, Crazy Girl, and Sajeel follwing, and welcome to my blog. Although you're going to be disappointed because I don't write regularly but thank you, anyways.
Yesterday wasn't a very good day for me... i had SEVEN shots in a row... seven sharp, prickly, and painful shots.  It didn't hurt much when i got them but later on after an hour or so, the pain got worse and I couldn't even lift my arms!! my muscles hurt =( I've got four on the right upper arm muscle and 3 on the left. And I got fever and body cramps too, I was sickly and tired and exhausted and I ate absolutely nothing for a good 33 hours =s I just lost all the appetite. Which was interesting, I love loosing my appetite =s =p

Wondering why I got shots?
Because I lost my childhood shots record and now I HAVE to take all of those shots again!! I'd be having them every month, for a total 6 months. Not good. =(

The days seem so short! It is hard to complete all the important tasks in one single day. May be because I'm no good when it comes to time management. It is very, very frustrating. Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Talks to herself

Its pitch dark in my room, no lamppost light coming in and no moon,
just sitting on my bed with thoughts squirming around my head....
I'm again having this sudden urge to write about love, which is something I don't want to write about here. I have realized that I'm loosing readers and I'm not a very active blogger or a famous, popular one who'd make you laugh or go "Awwww" or Ooohh. Long story short, I'm not a popular person at all. Not only on blogger, but in real life too. I'm a quite little bug in the corner, I talk to myself in my head. I have little to none friends. And I feel very nervous when talking to someone I haven't met before. I just look at others when they keep on talking(read blabbing) constantly without a pause. I used to underestimate myself on daily basis but now I have come to the conclusion that it is something I'm and I can't change myself so why not live with it and be proud of who I really am. Whataya say?
There is so much inside of me, so much to be written, so much I'm holding back. If I can't talk out loud,I should probably write more, for me, at least.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Title: Sorry I'm out of titles...

There are times when there's a lot inside of you but you don't want to write anything at all. I'm going through this phase. I need a nice novel to read. I want to read, not write.

I'm so in love with this song,.I want to dance to it!

I once hated "Need you now" by Lady Antebellum but today early in the morning I was listening to it on fm and I liked it! Its crazy how for the first time you don't like a song and then after listening to it twice or thrice, you start listening over and over again and again... crazy much? I'm like that. Music is one thing that keeps me going.  Something is not write.. something weird and crazy is going on in my mind.. may be some coffee will settle me down.. wow, WOW....see, I have caught the cold.. and I thought I was the luckiest fellar on this planet.. because my entire family caught it and I didn't and now I have it and everyone's fine. Pathetic much? Go drink some more coffee or tea with a dash of honey.  Madeline is the cutest girl from Paris. I love her stories!
 I made chocolaty muffins today with chocolate morsels on top and a hidden macaroon inside.. will post the pics later. I love long walks on the grassy sidewalks with speedy cars passing you by or walks in a quiet calm park when there's no one but you and your ear phones and music. Okay so the writing time is over... and ummm... my coffee is ready!