Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can you trust your instincts? If yes, then how?

Monday, September 20, 2010

A little happy post amid not so happy days.

Been ages, I know. I'm just too busy with everything, I hardly have time for doing something that's out of the normal everyday routine. But I had some awesome time today that prompted me to write an impromptu blog post =p
Ladies and gentlemen, I went to the gym!! woohoo. I had a great workout!! and fitness equipment there, is just top-notch. You can watch the calories you're burning, your speed and you can even watch the built-in TV :p
Our apartments have their own gym, spa, and pools for the residents. Isn't is so wonderful?? To have something awesome right next door?? Okay may be I'm exaggerating but I love working out!!! I WILL, from now on, go and workout every single day!!!
I and my brother hit the gym at around 10ish at night, its fun to be all by ourselves =p
 My brother has this  friend and a few days ago he was like... wow, you have a sister!! Can I date her? WOW. A 16 year old kid who dyed his blond hair brown and who probably has a dozen girlfriends wanted to date me??? LOL.Kids.
Pics, Oh pics!! i PROMISE I will be posting them!!