Monday, September 20, 2010

A little happy post amid not so happy days.

Been ages, I know. I'm just too busy with everything, I hardly have time for doing something that's out of the normal everyday routine. But I had some awesome time today that prompted me to write an impromptu blog post =p
Ladies and gentlemen, I went to the gym!! woohoo. I had a great workout!! and fitness equipment there, is just top-notch. You can watch the calories you're burning, your speed and you can even watch the built-in TV :p
Our apartments have their own gym, spa, and pools for the residents. Isn't is so wonderful?? To have something awesome right next door?? Okay may be I'm exaggerating but I love working out!!! I WILL, from now on, go and workout every single day!!!
I and my brother hit the gym at around 10ish at night, its fun to be all by ourselves =p
 My brother has this  friend and a few days ago he was like... wow, you have a sister!! Can I date her? WOW. A 16 year old kid who dyed his blond hair brown and who probably has a dozen girlfriends wanted to date me??? LOL.Kids.
Pics, Oh pics!! i PROMISE I will be posting them!!


  1. i loved working out too once but now it feels like it will break my back so i confine myself to a diet plan :)

  2. damn those gora kids... y cant we learn dat quickly... :P

  3. Looooong time!!
    I was thinking about your prolonged absence just last night and here you are.
    Bari lambi umr hai, masha'Allah. ;)

  4. working out is so much fun, BUT i dont get time. =/

  5. AD: good for you :) We should do whatever suits our body..
    Quartertinsane: haha lol :p
    Ann: You know what Ann, you always make me smile..... :)
    Sidra: You can workout on the

  6. OHOOO ALLY MARRYING A GORA (presumably :P)

    Keep up the spirit! My uni has a gym apparently and I intend on losing weight -.-

  7. Whoa! You happen to be the first one to say something like that to me. I feel elated. *jumps up and down with absolute joy* ;)

  8. I love the idea of working out regularly. I wish I had an awesome gym to go to too! ='[

    Btw haha, the way you write and tell about all the new awesomeness you're getting to experience there, i feel like that's exactly what I would feel and do if i were in your place. ^.^

    I won't marry him(presumably) =p

    Ann: :):) Keep smiling girl!! =)

    The Me: Awww... you can go for a brisk walk while listening to music =) Its equally awesome as going to any gym!! yes, I just pretty much write whatever that comes to my mind =p but do believe me that living in America is really overrated..I mean really really overrated..but oh well, its good anyway =) I do miss Pakistan!

  10. wow wow wow.. that sounds great! =o

    working out feels good.. i always feel lighter n healthy.. or else it is fat n lazy =P


  11. Last time I went gym-ing was 4 years ago =(