Friday, August 20, 2010

New Followers, and other things.

I have got 53 followers now!  Wow, thats huge!! Thank you everyone...for makes me feel like my blog is not deserted =p
thank you Bea, AcetylCholine, ol dat jazz, R-J, Crazy Girl, and Sajeel follwing, and welcome to my blog. Although you're going to be disappointed because I don't write regularly but thank you, anyways.
Yesterday wasn't a very good day for me... i had SEVEN shots in a row... seven sharp, prickly, and painful shots.  It didn't hurt much when i got them but later on after an hour or so, the pain got worse and I couldn't even lift my arms!! my muscles hurt =( I've got four on the right upper arm muscle and 3 on the left. And I got fever and body cramps too, I was sickly and tired and exhausted and I ate absolutely nothing for a good 33 hours =s I just lost all the appetite. Which was interesting, I love loosing my appetite =s =p

Wondering why I got shots?
Because I lost my childhood shots record and now I HAVE to take all of those shots again!! I'd be having them every month, for a total 6 months. Not good. =(

The days seem so short! It is hard to complete all the important tasks in one single day. May be because I'm no good when it comes to time management. It is very, very frustrating. Any suggestions?


  1. Hey there!! Following you right back! So - you are literally in Alabama (just a few weeks??) Welcome! My husband is from Alexandria, Egypt and moved here one year ago!

    Looking forward to learning more about your experience here!

  2. Thanks for following! =) Yes its been almost a month..I'm loving it here....Its peaceful, calm, and welcoming. Though this city is not pedestrian friendly. You have got to have a car even to go grocery shopping..but other than that its awesome.. Great to know about your husband =)I hope you two are having a happy life together!

  3. shotssss!!!! whaaaa... girl claim u developd mutant immunity, dats wat my nephew did... but i mean seriously, cant dey just giv u 1 ov those 4th generation meds and get it over wid?

  4. Noooope!!! you HAVE to have shots or else, you're busted =p I mean its a necessity. Everywhere you go, an imuunization record aka blue card is required. =/ :( *miserable face*

  5. hahahahaha

    tikaaaayyyyyy BUHAHAHAHA beta tum bemaar ho, ziyada mat bolo jaa ker so jao :p :p

  6. p.s. don't you think that instead of thiaking you should folllow their blog

    lalalala *being over smart* :d

  7. tch tch tch u shouldnt have lost it...

  8. ewwwww, shotssss! i dread shots. =/

  9. SEVEN SHOTS! Ouch! That must be real bad. For six months. That's a double ouch.

    @ Sidra: You dread shots? Err.. o_O really? But ain't you supposed to become a doc shoc? :)

  10. Ubaid- I AM gonna follow them okay? =p And no, I have no time aram karne k lie =(=p

    Quartertoinsane- thats my luck! bad luck I mean!! =p

    Sidra- I know, it dreads you because it must be associated with the childhood memories, right?

    Ann: yes, seven shots. =( I almost passed out later that evening!!

  11. I hate shots. I hate needles. I hate hospitals. Bleagh.

  12. I hate shots, shots, and shots. =D

  13. I'm mentioned! :)Thanks for the follow Ally.
    Shots=Cruel. Hahaha.
    Lists usually work for me.

  14. haha! thanku thanku! :D
    even i am bad at time-management!
    so no tips on that! :P sowwie :D