Monday, August 9, 2010

Title: Sorry I'm out of titles...

There are times when there's a lot inside of you but you don't want to write anything at all. I'm going through this phase. I need a nice novel to read. I want to read, not write.

I'm so in love with this song,.I want to dance to it!

I once hated "Need you now" by Lady Antebellum but today early in the morning I was listening to it on fm and I liked it! Its crazy how for the first time you don't like a song and then after listening to it twice or thrice, you start listening over and over again and again... crazy much? I'm like that. Music is one thing that keeps me going.  Something is not write.. something weird and crazy is going on in my mind.. may be some coffee will settle me down.. wow, WOW....see, I have caught the cold.. and I thought I was the luckiest fellar on this planet.. because my entire family caught it and I didn't and now I have it and everyone's fine. Pathetic much? Go drink some more coffee or tea with a dash of honey.  Madeline is the cutest girl from Paris. I love her stories!
 I made chocolaty muffins today with chocolate morsels on top and a hidden macaroon inside.. will post the pics later. I love long walks on the grassy sidewalks with speedy cars passing you by or walks in a quiet calm park when there's no one but you and your ear phones and music. Okay so the writing time is over... and ummm... my coffee is ready!


  1. There are times when there's a lot inside of you but you don't want to write anything at all... O yes, I know this phase, by heart. ;) Get well soon, Ally.

  2. can i have some coffee too :)

    something i could smell in the post too!

  3. madeline is cute, get through the phase.... n chocolate muffins.... ooooo... i want some plz plz plz

  4. Ann: hain na?? =) I like it when I find resemblances to me in other people.....
    AD: Come, have a cup with me =)
    Q: I will post the pictures for you ;)
    More comments: ????

  5. resemblances of me*** typo!! :O

  6. Lol that's a cute post, cute cus it's random, reminds me of my earlier blogging days.

    And the reason I hadn't visited your blog in ages was you've got an ex of mine on your blog list who I kinda didn't want to be reminded of. But it's cool now.

    So you've moved. Hm. That's good for you.

  7. I can understand how you feel...and thanks for the visit.
    Yes I have moved. We both moved, right? :)