Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Thing Called Death

The worst fear ever is the fear of loosing someone dear, to time.Even when you are close to that person,you still have this fear that one day that person won't be with you.When you know that one day death is gonna wipe it all,every single moment you spent with your loved one is gonna turn into a memory,a memory that would haunt you forever.The good times of today are gonna turn into the tears of tomorrow.Its true,Death wipes it all! I haven't experienced the death of a loved one yet,but I know someday I am going to face it.Even the thought of it sends shivers down my spine,tears start gliding down my pudgy cheeks.My heart feels heavy and everything seems colorless.
Sometimes you can feel the tragedy settle in around you.It comes on the wind,like a gray scary beast,heavy with skin of glue,sticks to your inner soul,weighing you down,settling like a parasite to suck all your hope and happiness.

Sometimes I sound really emo... o_0


  1. death is God's bestest creation...

  2. it might be... but not when its close to someone so dear, someone growing old day by day ... :(

  3. Hey death is inevitable... no use thinking abt it... Otherwise you ruin your present... So be happy... And being emo is not a bad thing..

  4. If there's one thing death teaches us, it's this: we don't have much time left. ._.