Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There's a glass full of water beside me and a sack full of worries on my head

Hello. I know it has been ages since I last posted something on my blog. The Bloggerita in me was in a deep slumber, and is still very drowsy, lazy and reluctant I guess. I have a lot to write, and it is all cluttered and scrambled in my mind. And I cannot decide what to write about first, the good things or the bad ones.
The hurricanes of worries that left me in total disarray or the little bundles of pleasure that leave me overwhelmed with delight and pull me several inches out of the difficulties that surround me everyday.
The prospect of leaving a loved one sends pangs sadness into my heart.

You said that you'll always be with me no matter where we are. We are already cities apart for a long time! And now....!! it would be seas and countries between us....we're ready to face it all.

7,881 miles shouldn' t matter when hearts are connected with that unseen bond, the strongest bonds of all!!

  You're my shelter, I feel safe and loved in your presence. Amid all the uncertainties, blows of fate, where nothing could be trusted, no one to confide in, you are the one I could pour my heat to, without any hesitation, knowing that you'll embrace me, comfort me. My ultimate solace.The warm fuzzy feeling inside me, its YOU.
Even with all  those silly arguments we are ONE. There are no lies, no deceit, and nothing hidden or concealed. I often used to  find myself to be a victim of paranoia but in your presence it has all vanished. You handled me so well.  These three years and two months have changed me in a good way of course. And I have come to this point where I'm happy and contented with my relationship and as I reflect upon the time that has passed, I smile. I really smile.
Even when sometimes you're mad, blurting out all that poppycock, I smile =p because that's you. I always know you'd come, apologize and be sappy =p
Only you have the power to make me giggle when there are tears gliding down my face.I can't thank God enough for giving me my 'YOU'. A perfect bundle of craziness combined with love, and care and affection.
I'm happy because I'm not in a miserable kind of relationship

 Okay, I think I got a bit carried away with emotions.  I don't usually write about love here.  Anyways. A little heart-talk won't hurt. This is my very own blog and I can pretty much write here anything I WANT.
Okay so I've been listening to a great song that goes like this..

Waiting for something
But I don't know what I want
Searching for reasons, babe
Reasons to carry on

I got my fingers crossed
And my hopes are high
So I'll try to stay calm
Try to stay dry 
I have this sudden and an absurd feeling inside me. I feel like deleting this blog.. or forget it and start a new one.. write somewhere else :s .The good feeling associated with writing here has lost its charm.. or may be it is because of an extremely difficult phase I'm going through.. praying day and night that it goes away soon! When will I be able to write something bursting with happiness? I can endure my own problems but when it comes to a member of a family..I can't see them unhappy I want to bring sparkling smiles to their faces, forever!
 Bye blog/blogreaders. See you!
PS I'd  be leaving in July =)


  1. nooo don't delete the blog!!! you'll be ok ally, theres always sunshine at the end of a bad stormy time...always!

  2. Aww no don't delete the blog :(

  3. I know this phaseeeee. I so know it! You know at times, I feel like deleting the blog, my FB account, my email address. I just feel like cutting off every connection with the world, but Ally, that doesn't solve anything. =)
    Be strong. You will be back in July and things will be okay. While we're away, we are flushed down a toilet of emotions, so it gets pretty hard for us to focus, but in time it will get better insh'Allah!

  4. The Me and Anuradha... =) I will keep it okay? =p

    Ashi.. thank you Aisha for that comment, I needed it in many ways =)

    Sidra: That is exactly how I feel these days. I want to hibernate and get out when everything's alright.. thats cowardly I know. But.. Anyways.. I'm hoping it gets better...things are getting harder and harder with each passing day

  5. Dont delete the blog Ally! please.
    Hope this phase passes soon iA! Just need to walk across this rickety bridge and the rainbow will be waiting for you at the other end.
    Stay smiling!

  6. Thank you for the comment Smiley it lifted up my spirits =) <3