Friday, October 1, 2010

A post from Doze-land

Life for me is getting complicated with each passing day. The more exposure to the outer world, the more confusing it gets. I really miss the naiveness and purity of my childhood. Being in a different place and living around different people, being in a position where you are constantly judged by every one around you, is kind of tough. I'm the one representing my entire country, and I no longer go unnoticed. For others, it might be thrilling but for me, it is overwhelming or stressful I guess. Well that's because I'm lame and you know it :)
And yes, I have gained so much, confidence, experience and I'm learning with each passing day. Life has always been a mixture of good and bad, bittersweet. Sugar coated bitter lump.
I want to learn the way our mind responds to different feelings and why and how our thoughts and feelings change. I want to learn to trust my instincts with faith and have nothing to regret in the future.
Life is so much more than living  by rules.
Hey I once bought Club Soda while I was in Pakistan and I had no idea what it was or why it was sitting on a super market's shelf but somehow I bought it and somehow I opened it and somehow I took the first sip and somehow I near threw-up. It was a strange mixture of stale smelly water with something very bitter in it that you could not bear to stand for a second. It stirred up my nervous system. In a bad way. Get my point here? About lifw? yes, I hope you did.
 Let me remind you that I'm at this time, exhausted to bits and I wan't to go and collapse. On my bed, that is. Its funny because whenever I start a blogger post I'm always on this system where I have no pictures and all of them are in the other one and I can't put them up becuase I'm just too lazy to do a thing too difficult for my lazy, lazy self.
Alarm set: 5:00AM
Doze off, girl.


  1. aaaaiiiieeeeeee.... 5 am... dats harsh very very very very harsh...

    on a side note: start trusting ur instincts b4 dey doze off...

  2. aww.. sounds horrible
    lie down, close your eyes and think peaceful? =)
    it helps!

  3. You'll get through the struggles. Be hopeful. Be positive. :)

  4. do u get up at ? eek -_-

    Now am gonna collapse at bed too :P

  5. Life and club soda... Mm-hmm! Nicely contrived analogy.

  6. This post was almost fluid-like!
    Yaar. Enjoy the struggles. Enjoy the newness, and the teeny lessons you learn every day. Not everyone gets to grow mentally each day like that.
    Haha, although I do know its easier said than done. But still!
    Embrace it :D .

  7. I am embracing it =D loved ur comment btw =p I have this very bad habit of worrying over the future and all...oh well, I'm trying to come over it =p
    and thanks for your comments y'all

  8. Oh honey. :)
    I've been there and I know how it feels like...
    Just let it go. And don't even think that people here won't judge you...yahan ka bhi yehi haal hai.
    Just hang in there and do what you can :) Don't burden yourself.

  9. Aw thank you Closed eyes :) your comment lifted up my spirits! :)