Friday, December 24, 2010

I am not on crack.

I owe y'all a big thanks for asking me to start writing again. I haven't been away, I wasn't on crack, I wasn't on pot either.... I was just dead busy plus preoccupied with all the worries.

Umm...... FYI, I think I might write like I'm talking, more like I'm writing becasue I don't know it might take sometime for me to bring myself back into the world of writing. But honestly, i'm just too glad to be back.
I have never been popular with anything. Being quiet is my thing, its only here that I get to open up to people. Because I suck at interacting with people in real-life situations, some people think I'm a bit arrogant. How crazy is that. Me and arrogant? No way. Just because I'm not talking to you nonstop doesn't mean I'm arrogant. While others think I'm real nice. I do care about what others think about me even though I shouldn't care but I still do.
I have developed an addiction with chocolates and which is blessing me some extra pounds I'd like to shed someday. Its only with chocolates, not other sugary candy, just chocolates with lots of nuts. Lindt truffles being my favorites and Snickers too.
Last night, my sister kept me up all night becasue she couldn't sleep. I don't fall completely into a real sleep until 4 in the morning and the first half of my sleep is always half-awake feeling kind of sleep so just when I fell into this sweet dream-less sleep, she walked into my room and woke me up because she was scared. I felt like jumping down a bridge or something because I had to get to work by 8. It was a horrible day.

I need to put my stuff in order because half of my stuff is in this computer and half of it is in the other one.

Everytime I start to write something pleasnt, it turns into a rant. :p I'm just so full of rants. I ordered some stuff from ebay and it the shipping took forever. The only days when I get off of work this week are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thats all. No long Christmas break. Don't you just love working in a doctor's office?
I have a big to-do list to take care of and I never get my tasks done on time. I love watching Everybody hates Chris. It has always been there to kill my boredom and slap the sadness out me.
I was thinking about doing something worth while next time. I never write anything good. Lord have mercy.
Next post will be an iLike post as suggested by a good blogger friend of mine called,The Me. =)

After a random post here comes a random picture. My little brother made this for me...


  1. Nothing like a random rant post to get you to start writing again! =D
    Im in love with this white creature. Its SO CUTE! Give it a name. That starts with a V or a K. It suits him. :D

  2. Voolie? :P idk, why don;t you name it? :P

  3. Oh thanks.:)
    Ann, haha you know it. =)
    Eirene, I'm glad someone likes to read my stupid blog. Thanks.