Monday, February 14, 2011

Unwanted desire.

Seven years ago I wanted something so desperately that I was ready to give up anything for it, but unfortunately I did not get it and now that thing came to me on its own and I refused to accept it.  Life is weird. Utterly complex. I never imagined grownup troubles could be so complicated.


  1. strangely, i was thinking of that in the morning while washing my bathroom.
    when i was 20, i thought that my thoughts were simple. i was guided by impulse. now i feel that my thoughts are guided more by simplicity and efficiency than impulse. i am inherently principled along.. very simple,less complex :)

  2. My thoughts are wild but my ways and my life is influenced by people in my life. I'm not simple at all... there is a constant whirlwind inside my brain :)