Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waking up at 3:35 in the night and crying my eyes out. This is how frustrated I am. Ah my life needs to stop screwing me.


  1. Who hasn't had one of these nights? Hold on there. Feel better.

  2. Eirene: Thank you =]

    Randomhyper: I know, thanks for the comment =]

    Furree Katt: Youre always so sweet! *hugs*

    TayTay: *Hugs* :D

    Maryam: I know right, thanks though =]

  3. I'm sorry you had such a crappy night :(

  4. I hope you feel better now.

    I love such nights.

  5. aah!there you go.everyone has given you their words of wisdom or support and that too the right ones..and one not so appropriate one too..
    so, i can't say all that, but this is what i shall say - life is like a porter's wheel. i am sure you can think of the rest..god bless.