Monday, May 10, 2010

I deserted a dessert but had a sweet reunion today.

Dear Mango Icecream,

I abandoned you, I am sorry. I forgot how I used to walk in diapers together with you, holding you tight, yes I know you for a long time, precious. Amid all those others that looked more appealing, I forgot how I used to love you. I know, I'm sorry. I broke your heart to pieces and let others take advantage of you. How cruel of me to desert you! How stupid I have been all this time! To leave my precious little dear one. I know you are a little plain for my taste, but it doesn't matter anymore, I love PLAIN. You're plainly beautifully heavenly and there never will be any one else like you. I am sorry that I have done nothing but exacerbate your insecurities.
I am sorry that I walked into your life, gave you hope and did not fulfeeel your dreams, dreams of being with me forever. But today you caught me eye, after what seemed like eons, a lifetime! That same old you, pretty neat and seductive. You in no time, made my taste buds tingle. You filled me with a want, a want to have you. And I gave in to the temptation. I brought you home and ATE you. *NOM NOM NOM*

Oh you plain old thing! you are the best. I bet Mr. rocky road,
Monsieur Vanilla fudge ripple, or Herr Butter pecan cannot beat you. 
But I'd have vanilla sprinkled with crushed chocolate chi cookies ever now and then, hope you don't mind. 



  1. i dunno if my comment was posted! this is riduclous! grrrr

  2. ok now i know it wasnt!
    i was saying 'you made me gain a pound in full'

  3. HAHAHA!

    btw, love th look of the blog :D

  4. You liked it? I think I like it too =)

  5. mmm...sounds delish!!

    Sassy Chica

  6. Mmm, I have a thing for mango too:)


  7. I love how you can write about dessert with such... passion.
    Very cool. ^^

  8. hey ........ nice change of blog design .. luved it...and about the blog its simply awesome ally special

  9. I don't love icecream. I eat healthy. I am good boy.