Monday, May 30, 2011


WOW. I lost  a follower. I understand that I don't usually update my blog but why did you start following in the first place if you planned to un-follow later? I don't care about the number of followers anymore but this just makes me mad. Don't follow my blog if you don't want to. Plain simple.

Anyhow. I was looking for some really good Pakistani music to introduce an American friend to. I want something that is truly amazing because it will be the first time they will be hearing someone sing from Pakistan! And they are in a heavy metal band but would listen to everything!
So please help me pick out some really good Pakistani music.
Thank you for sticking with my blog I really appreciate it! =]


  1. If they are in a heavy metal band, then they would probably like E.P very much. And I have noticed these gooras also fall for Abraar's Punjabi Bhangra songs.

  2. Aray I lost a follower too. But, who cares eh? *chuckles*

    Umm..... i'd say, anything from coke studio.

  3. I lost followers too. O.O Its a scheme! >.<

    And oh, Junoon definitely. And. Coke studio? :D

  4. i've lost around ten followers this year. D:
    i like your blog. and HEY LOOK YOU HAVE A NEW FOLLOWER NOW! ♥

  5. Some bloggers follow, just so they can ask them to follow back.. and once the blogger does follow, the other one unfollows.. it's a scheme. hehe,, but oh well, it's nice to have many followers, but it's way nicer to have more readers.

    Btw. followed yah. :)

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  7. Aww. I understand the feeling of losing a precious follower but don't worry, YOU GOT A NEW FOLLOWER! :D

    Pakistani music? WELL, um, go through cokestudio seasons. I am leaving a link below, I hope it'll help.

  8. Aww thank you maryam =D and thanks everyone!

  9. new follower.. <3 :)
    happiiee??!! :D

    loved ur postss..!!
    was wollowing ur SWEET INTOXICATION blog... but u didnt post thr..!
    wid gr8 difficulty found ths blog :) ... !!

  10. You've lost a follower but you've gained a follower :) Awesometastic blog! :D