Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have gone through a humungous change this year. This was a year of huge, huge, changes for me.  My life underwent a strange transition. I was finally able to do things I thought I'd never be able to do. I did something that changed my entire life, my future plans. I let go of something very destructive to my emotional well being. It feels good now I don't have regrets, thats strange that I have no regrets. And trsut me its worth it, never let the fear of regret keep you from making a decision that you need to make. Its silly and worthless to fear about being regretful in the future. We spend a lot of time worrying about future. I have come to realize that its useless and it consumes your present.
This year I met someone who has a phenomenally large impact on my life and on my future too, of course. Its the most wonderful and beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Of course every happy moment brings with it a strange possibility of loosing it all. But I can't let fear keep me from getting what I want. I have been fearful for too long. Its time to break out of my shell and I am going to take my chances.
I have yet to find a lot of things about life and about my self.  This is not easy, not easy at all. This road to self realization and discovery and is a long, long path full of twists and turns. But Im on my way.


  1. Im glad your doing good.. Yesterday i was going through some old emails and i saw some the initial email exchange that we had... I knew you always had it in you... Go for it.. Rock the world...

  2. You long lost soul? So, what are we doing these days, other than lighting up bongs, uh? :p lol.
    I'm happy that you're happy. And true story- this year has been a year of changes. Even I've gone through weird sort of metamorphism. Not a good one, though.
    Oh well, we have lots of catching up to do, lady Ally!

  3. hey.. it alrght!~

    nd no thnkx.. my pleasure..
    love ur posts!!!!

    for this pOst...
    just fab.. just so much practical
    looks as if i m reasing what myheart desires to say!!!

  4. Glad that you are happy. "Naik khuaahishaat/tamannaa'in" for your future. :)

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  6. Good luck with your future and exploring of your life but make sure you don't break someone else's heart along the way :)

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  8. Comment above: Funny. Haha.

    And oh man, must've felt nice, deliberately bringing changes in your life.
    Also. I think this 'journey to self discovery'. It goes on. I don't think there's an end to it. You won't just wake up one day and be like. 'Okay Today, I know everything about myself'. I don't think that ever happens. And i like it. :D

  9. The Me: I agree! =D You been doin alright? =D

    insomniac: thanks =D I think I am nothing more than an incoherent babbler but thanks!

    Ann: What am I supposed to do when happiness always comes with a price? but oh well, haha yes we do have A LOT of cathcing up to do!!! =]

    Raindrops and Lps, thanks for stopping by!

  10. anonymous: okay, thanks!

    blood on the ground: wow.

  11. Yep I have. Im home these days..nothings better. :D

    You should write more often btw.