Wednesday, December 16, 2009


An "about me" I wrote somewhere almost three years ago:
I am crazy because I act like normal people. I never had the chance or the courage to do what's crazy, what I should have been doing for the longest time. I have always wanted the approval of all the people I am with, not taking into consideration what my life approves of.

I am a puppet, living the life of what people expect and tell me so. I wanted to break the wall, go out of my shell, how or when I do not know. I have always wanted to tell all rude and mean people to get lost and get out of my life but I never did. I always show them that it is ok to be rude and mean to me.
Every time I want to take one step to giving life a meaning, I have already taken two steps going back to where I belong. Oh how I pray and wish that You give me one chance, one time to give my life color and vibrancy, and to give me courage to go on with that one step and never come back.

P.S. I am getting sick of this template.