Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Need a getaway

I want to go on a long long drive ALONE,listening to trance on the way.

I wanted to take a photo.I just did.I took a photo of my hand.How emo is this=D
And how random.But whatever,I am just posting it anyways.o.O


  1. You like trance?

    Emo is <3

    P.S you have cute hands =$

  2. I want your love and I want your revenge! D:

  3. @Ubaid Yeah I like it..I have a certain mood when I feel like listening to trance,is relaxing.Thanks wese I am cute from head to toe :D

  4. trance is cool... n da pic is nice too... bt u knw u could have used red color r ink 4 a dramatic blood effect... dat would hav been really emo

  5. @s3aya you must be kidding me :D

  6. hahaha, kitni khush fehmiyaaan hain ;)

    chalo i'll share music with you :)

  7. s3aya dont give her any wrong ideas... :P

  8. Ally,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I am very flattered, especially b/c I return the sentiment with regard to your words.
    PS~ I currently have the exact same nail colour on.
    Well, it looks the same, anyway...
    I've spent the past two years with varying shades of black, navy, and dark grey adorning my nails and I thought I'd try something more...soothing
    ( - ;

  9. I am equally flattered :) thanks Lyndsey.