Monday, December 7, 2009

The pictures say it all..

I just couldn't stop myself from sharing this:

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Non-Muslims have a lot of funny ideas about Muslims.To all non-Muslims:

1) a very small amount of Muslims thinks everything is Haram.
2) a very small amount of Muslims thinks you are a kafir.
4) a very small amount of Muslims think that women should be oppressed, beaten, slapped etc.
5) a very small amount of Muslims want to kill you.

I like to call the above list the “dumb ones”. They aren’t all that bright but for some odd reason the spotlight is always on them. Why is it on them? I guess they make for more entertaining TV. Who doesn’t hate a villain who wants to terrorize the world? Normal Muslims can’t terrorize crap.

The heinous acts of terrorism against the World Trade Center were too well-timed and organized to be run by Muslims.

1) we’re not organized enough to pull off a 9/11
2) we’re never on time. If there was such a thing as a Muslim terrorist, he would have missed the flight.



  1. I find when others think like that it is mainly due to lack of information or ignorance, in society there always seem to want to isolate something away from the 'norm' it is how; it is and shall be. Change only happens when others decide not to follow.

  2. I completely agree with you,its high time we make that change and live with PEACE!

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  3. Thats the reason why I posted it here,because its FUNNY :p