Friday, January 22, 2010

My Day Book

Inspired by AD :)

Outside my window...
The Sun is about to set :)

I am thinking... Fading away is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you left your mark in the world, a hypothetical mark claiming you were here.

And how nice it would be to visit Fort Lauderdale at least once in a lifetime!

I am thankful for... Everything God has blessed me with, I don't really deserve it. Thank You God!

I am wearing A FROWN.

I am remembering... All the times we met.

I am going... Nowhere.

I am currently reading.... his lovely texts <3>
I am hoping... Life would have a tad bit pity on me and would stop being so so harsh on me. On my mind... Disappointment. Noticing that... Life is not a bed of roses. How True! Pondering these words...
From the kitchen... a cup of steaming hot green tea.

Around the house... doing random chores, spending quality time with my little siblings, and helping out my dearest mom. One of my favorite things~


  1. you know what? This is one of the best posts ever!


  2. awwwwwwwww this is a marvel to read :) mwah

  3. @ugly what? :D Can't I wear a frown? :(

    @UB Thank you!! :)

    @AD aaaaaaaaww I am blushed ^.^

  4. I liked this post for its teenage sweetness and intimidated but growing-nonetheless hope. If you're hurt, you will be healed. If you're down, you'll get up. It takes time.

    Cute post, Ally. -hugs-

  5. one of your best posts ever :)