Friday, January 29, 2010

Rain Rain come again !!!!

"Here comes the rain again
falling from the stars
drenched in my pain again
becoming who we are"
Lyrics: When september ends/Greenday

It rained last night :) It was the first shower of the season and its still drizzling outside. There is something so surreal about rain. It gives me a momentarily relief from the dire straits and troubles of life. Be it summer or winter, I love rainy nights, and lazy rainy days, when I just sit and relax, listen to music blending in my head with the constant tapping of rain. This love for the rain, I believe is associated with the bitter sweet memories. Its funny how simple things bring back memories, ignite the feelings buried deep inside, and hit you with a nostalgia nerve. Like fragrances and smells - the smell of new pencils reminds of my kindergarten. The smell of Jasmine flowers remind me of my old home.
Rainy nights have an almost subliminal effect one me, standing out in the stark dark, under a barely protective shelter, or by the opened window, letting the thin spray kiss my vulnerable face gives me a sense of being somewhere else, somewhere far away, alone, yet a sense of security and satisfaction prevails in my heart. I fantasize about star-crossed lovers wandering on the streets, I fantasize about being on top of a mountain alone, I fantasize about walking in a lush green field, I fantasize about standing under a pale street light at midnight. Rain takes me into a world of play pretend.
While on the other hand, rain during the day is more likely for having fun. For laughing, acting goofy, staring outside, watching people, and sitting by the fireside eating nuts and cracking jokes. Rainy days are better than sunny ones, well at least for me. Last year was loaded with heavy rains and thunderstorms, oh I love thunderstorms too, especially when I see the lightning in sky, I simply adore it. And God I still love to drench myself in Summer rains :)

This song is very special to me, since 2003. Its basically a theme song for a game. I love to listen to it when its raining.


  1. I miss isloo's rain.. Khi can be so very boring at times.

  2. nice...

    @ali: bro i dunt agree... khi z more exciting in rainy seasons

  3. It rained so slowly.
    It was love. ^_^

  4. It didn't rain nearly enough =]