Monday, January 11, 2010

Things on my mind today.

This is one of those days -- one of those days when just about everything goes wrong. After a long process of figuring out what I desire, and making plans about striking out into the world, and getting it, I feel like it really isn't that easy... but I am trying, trying to catch up with the flow.
Here goes the list of whats on my mind right now,

The Sweetheart =) Its my favorite pair of jeans, I love it to bits. I would never want to throw it away, it has some of the most priceless memories associated with it.

Yes, I am preparing for SAT. And nothing about it scares me except for Mathematics, I dreadfully suck at it =(

Gumby! Gumby!

He's here and he will be sure to stay. Gumby!

Lets all see what magical games he can play.

He can change into anything,

with his pals Pokey Prickle and Goo,

he will walk through the wall if he wanted to.

When your sad gumby makes you glad,

with all the things he can do.

If he's in your heart then he'll be a part of you.

If you have a heart than gumby's the pal for you.

Cookies! I want to have cookies right now.


  1. SAT! I can give tuitions 'cause I'm so cool. :D Kab hai?

  2. things on yo mind & my mind & nt much diff except cookies & jeans =P =P

  3. gud luck 4 da interview...

    n SAT's easy... jst play it cool... n dnt n i mean dnt take tuition its jst a waste ov tym...

  4. My SAT was a bummer. Good Luck on yours.

  5. @ Uglyduckling tum Lahore men beth kar tuition dogay? :D bas kuch hi months men hai =P

    @ Kishor ohhkay! =p

    @ Aritry Thank you so muchha dear xD

    @ S3aya Thanks you =)and SAT is easy but I have to do the maths from the very beginning cuz I were I premed student, haven't seen Mathematics for like two years =p

    @ Khalid Thank you! I am trying really hard to ace this thing called SAT =p