Saturday, April 10, 2010

About the book....

"A magnificent and moving story of a love that grew in the balmy days before the outbreak of  the Second World War; how it was threatened as the Nazis invaded, yet finally triumphed. A FAREWELL TO FRANCE is a magnificent epic, played out against tumultuous  background of the time: a decadent French government, the life of a foreign correspondent, the grandeur of the Champagne regions and the glory of French Resistance."

This is the description written on the book. Still, there is so much more to it that could not be put into words for words seem futile. One needs to read it from the beginning till the end.
Apart from the love story, it is about the unmatched brutality and cruelty of the Nazi Germans, the horrors of the war, holocaust, families torn apart, lives shattered forever, and a race against time. I've learned a lot after reading this book that kept me hooked till the end. However, when I started reading it, I stopped halfway and begin with another book. I don't know why but when I resumed, it got better and better right after the chapter when war broke out. It was a nostalgic, romantic yet brutal read. Written in a vivid way, as if one is actually witnessing everything, as if one's a part of the story.  I loved every part of it. Definitely a story to remember for life.


  1. Sounds amazing.
    *adds it to her never ending list of books to read*

  2. You should! though it will be a bit hard to get because such books are often rare to find in bookstores.

  3. ahaaaaaaannn been ages a book appealed to me, I ll give this a try perhaps something does set the flames right!

  4. now m thinking ov reading it after they way u described it...

  5. you r dragging me towards the book ....
    and thanks 4 ur response 4 the post.. keep commenting and visiting. i loved ur comments