Monday, April 19, 2010

Double dutch.

Watching movies to kill time. I have read all these books. Need to buy more. Running out of time, must study. Maths kills me. Motorama is the best movie ever. Missing someone terribly. Must not cry like a baby. Matilda the movie, was awesome, as always! Coleslaw is the best thing ever to happen to cabbage family. Feelings are running high. Crying for no apparent reason. Oh, movie. Sorry. Bye


  1. I dunno why..but I just felt bad on seeing "0 made me smile" message..So I jst wanted to make you smile :))
    Hey, maths kills me too, i need to buy more books too :|,, I shudnt cry like a baby too,,Matilda was awesome---double *like*,,,we are offically alike ;-D
    Write more ally,
    take care :)

  2. Calm down, silly. Sending love your way.