Thursday, April 29, 2010



It all happened in the middle of the night. I was in the middle of a deep slumber when some squeaking and scratching noises stabbed my dreams. I was so sure it wasn't any family member, for the noises were very peculiar.
I woke up that instance, fear running through my nerves. I did not know what to do, I couldn't dare to go out, fearing that the intruder might be armed. Panic almost blinded me and I completely lost control over my thoughts, "What if he hurts my parents or my siblings?" I asked myself. "No, I must go and check up on my own, find out who's making those noises, it might be a cat or a rat." I gathered up courage and sighed, and tiptoed silently and cautiously out of my room. The noises were coming from the kitchen. I walked slyly until something made me hold my breath, it was a tall, dark, lumpy figure of a man, he was busy doing something I couldn't quite figure out. "I must do something, I must do SOMETHING!," I told myself. I had never found myself to be so petrified before. I should have called the police right away, that was the wisest thing to do. But instead, I walked to my parents' bedroom and woke them up. And my dad walked to the kitchen bravely and switched on the lights. It was the most horrifying, most disgusting face I'd ever set my eyes upon. He wasn't shocked over being caught and I thanked God he was unarmed. With a look of a child molester, he smiled self-satisfyingly. And looked across my way. I shuddered. "I am sorry, I had to barge in like that, I'm poor and hungry and I was bitterly ravenous. I came inside to get something to eat .I am sorry to disturb you, I must go now", he said with a mysterious grin, for once I felt a momentarily relief. At least he wasn't a thief or a bad guy, I thought. He started walking towards the door to leave, when my father stopped him and and asked him to stay for a while and eat something. He ordered me to bring some food, I obeyed. And went straight into the kitchen and brought a platter full of of food for the man. He sat on the floor, right in front of the door that leads to the gate outside and started eating grubbily. Suddenly everyone else disappeared and I was the only one left in the room with him. I thought he might be grateful for our kindness, but to my horror, he looked at me with a ferocious stare, and spilled these words, "It is not over yet, It is not over yet, I'm not leaving so soon" and laughed. I felt myself sinking onto the floor, I suddenly felt my legs could no longer take another step, I felt helpless, my legs were playing tricks on me, I couldn't run or hide, or even kick him out of the house, least of all I did not even feel angry. I was horrified, terrified, I wanted to cry for help, yet my throat couldn't utter a word, not a whisper. I felt like choking. And then, he got up, started walking towards me, I was shivering. But he didn't come near me he went inside the house. I knew he would harm my family. I knew it, I suddenly caught a glimpse of my dad, I tried to scream, but he was caught in a trance. He stood blankly staring onto the wall. I tried to scream louder, and then I heard my mom, he was trying to harm her! I felt the rush of anger burst into my mind and strength came to me out of nowhere. I started beating him up, pushing, kicking, trying to get him out of my mom's room. My always strong, brave, loving brother,  stood in the corner. I went up to him and asked him to help me, but I saw tears in his eyes. He was CRYING! I was the one who could save my family, the only one who could bring them out of this danger. And then I did something I don't remember clearly, I heard a painful moan, and the  walls got dirty. And I woke up!!! Woke up out of this ghastly dream. Shivering, panting,  breathing in shallow gulps. And went back to sleep again where it all started again, he was still chanting "It is not over yet, it is not over yet." Something jerked me out of the sleep. I couldn't sleep anymore, I was drenched in fear thinking there might be someone inside our house for real. I did not wake up anyone, though I wanted to. After five minutes or so, I got up and went outside to check up on every room, checked the doors and windows. The first azaan caught my attention and I felt relieved, a bit. It was still dark outside, I drank some water, prayed, and prayed for a long time. I was relieved after I woke up, but something was still very frightening, the image of that man kept flashing before my eyes. I don't know when or after how long I went back to sleep, but thank goodness I didn't see that NIGHTMARE again. It is all real, all true, the story of the nightmare I clearly remember, a dream that still gives me goosebumps when I think about it.


I'm down with fever today, I don't know if it is because of the dream or just a coincidence, but I really am sick. My throat is sore and my head remained dizzy all day. Let's hope I don't see any nightmares tonight.
Another restless night ahead of me, thanks to the sore throat and fever.

Goodnight Ally, sleep tight, don't let the "nightmares" bite.


  1. awwwwwwwwwww baby get well soon ok :)

    and yes dont let those nightmares get to you !!!

  2. =(

    please take good care of your self :( :(

  3. sweetei .. wat happened .. tke your mind of nasty things and tkae care of my frnd